Draft for reducing single use bags

In the begging of November 2013 a draft for reducing single use bags has been presented.

Link of the working document.

As stated the main reason for this proposal (reduction) is import from Asia.

The document introduced 4 strategies where every reduction will be followed by job loss and more income for the big companies.

List of some false statements:

  • the average weight of reusable bags is 78,9 g, and single use bags 8,5 g ( in reality is more then half the weight for reusable bag and a lot less for single use bag – it’s like to state that average fat man has 200 kg)
  • average prices are 17,87 €/1000 for reusable bags and 8,31 €/1000 for single use bags (it doesn’t make sense for average mass which is almost 10 times heavier as defined earlier)
  • 250-300 companies are producing bags (they didn’t count small and medium companies, for example only in Croatia there are approximately 60 companies)
  • … (there a lot more)

Also the biggest hole in the proposal is the definition of reusable bags where it’s thickness is set at more then 0,050 mm (it should be more then 0,035 mm). Bag producers are buying expensive co-extrusion lines to reduce the thickness and improve mechanical properties of the bags and now the draft is saying go back 10 years and produce more thicker bag.

The final decision will be made in mid of 2014.

More text on other language are available.

The proposal is focus on single use bags and not reusable bags but it’s from author point of view very unprofessional.

Author: Davor Ujlaki