Bags on rolls, sheets on rolls, hoods on rolls

Bags on rolls, LDPE sheets on rolls, industrial plastic hoods on rolls

bags on roll

Bags on rolls, industrial bags, industrial plastic sacks
The perforated bags, sacks, sheets or hoods on rolls. Half tubular film with double side sealing is also optional.

  • Rolls (film) in rolls of width 600-1600 mm
  • Rolls (tube) in rolls of width 600 - 1570 mm
  • Hoods (hinged casing) in rolls of width 600 - 1570 mm
  • Hoods with folding, in the width of the sash 600 - 1570 mm and unlimited max length (min length is 200 mm)

Maximum diameter of roll is 360 mm. The bags are made of polyethylene.
Maximum width of the bag (formed from the tube) 1570 mm (1600 mm).
Minimum width 600 mm.
Minimum length of the bag (formed from the tube) 200 mm.
Maximum length (from the tube) - no limit.
Maximum output diameter 360 mm (80-90 kg).
Thicknesses possible  of 2x25 my to 4x200 my.
Double welding (for halftube) optional.

Possibility to use normal and small internal paper cores (76 mm and 50 mm)
The machine is equipped with a photo eye reader, so can convert printed sacks too!

Industry which usually use perforated bags on roll: Furniture, armchairs, pallets, automatic packing, box packing, lacing, small goods for seals, nuts, rubber, wood industry, manufacture of fridges...