Industrial bags, sacks and hoods

Industrial bags and sacks, pallet covers (hoods)

  • Production of LDPE industrial bags

The bags and sacks are made of polyethylene. Width, length and thickness according the need. With optional holes. Minimum quantity approximately 10.000 bags/sacks.

Big sacks can have shrink characteristic and can be used as pallet covers - manual shrink hoods.


  • Width 1600 mm (+ side gussets)
  • Length 3500 mm
  • Thickness 0,200 mm

Optional holes 6 or 8 mm.


  • LDPE and MDPE bags for humus, soil, construction materials etc.
  • LDPE and MDPE bags for food articles (pasta, sugar, vegetable, fruits, frozen goods …)
  • Pallet covers for various goods
  • PE bags for car tires
  • Antistatic PE bags