Industrial films are used in all industrial fields and branches. Read more for the technical specifications and product description!

  • Narrow web LDPE film
  • Printed LDPE film
  • Multilayer line for extrusion of LDPE film

Technical characteristics:

  • Film thickness ranging from 0.030 till 0.300 mm
  • Various widths
  • Printed or unprinted
  • With optional micro perforation and additional process
  • Different coefficient of friction


  • PE films for various usage
  • Covering films for protection of goods
  • Films for future converting
  • Perforated PE sheets in rool
  • Film for lamination where the PE film is laminated with other materials to add additional properties

According the usage PE film is for direct food contact.

In lamination PE film is meant to be used in a gluing process with different types of film or foil. In this configuration, a polyethylene film ensures a weld and offers resistance. As a ground layer, you can use paper, aluminium, polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, and/or other foils.


  • In every industry where PE film is needed
  • In food industry for packing soups, salads, coffee, peanuts, pudding, fruit juice
  • Also can be used for vacuum packing of meat and products for deep frizzing
  • In pharmaceutical industry for packaging of drugs used for human and animal medicine
  • In sanitary industry for the packaging of detergents
  • In cosmetic industry for the packaging of shampoos and creams