Paper bags with twist handle.

Kraft paper bags with twist handle. Paper bags witout handle.

Twist handle paper bags or paper carrier bags with twisted handles (with twisted cords) are usually made of brown or white kraft paper. Handle is usually made of twisted paper but it can be produced from other materials.

We can produce also paper bag without handle.

Dimension with twist handle:
Bag width 220 - 460 mm
Bag length 265 - 520 mm (the cutting length is 360-580 mm)
Bottom width: 80 do 220 mm

Dimension without  handle 
Bag width 150 - 460 mm
Bag length 265 - 590 mm 
Bottom width: 80 do 220 mm


Handles can be in different colors.

We can print up to 8 colors on central impression flexo printing unit.

We can use coated paper.

Top edge of the bag can have standard serrated cut or straight cut if needed.