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Plastic bags in Croatia

Bags with a flexible handle

Plastic bags in Croatia

From 1.1.2022 Lightweight plastic carrier bags in Croatia are banned.

The definition of Lightweight plastic carrier bags is: plastic carrier bags with a wall thickness below 50 microns.

Exemption are ‘very lightweight plastic carrier bags’ – plastic carrier bags with a wall thickness below 15 microns which are required for hygiene purposes or provided as primary packaging for loose food when this helps to prevent food wastage.

Biodegradable plastic bags are also banned if they are below 50 microns with the same exemption.

Oxo-degradable plastic carrier bags are banned in whole EU.

Paper bags are fine. Also, other materials except plastic are also fine.

Coated paper bags are considered also plastic bags.

Old bags from stock are allowed after 1.1.2022.

Currently there is tax on plastic bags of about 200 €/t (1500 kn/t).


Author: Davor Ujlaki