Polyethylene film is highly present worldwide especially in packaging materials. It is made of Polyethylene, which is a synthetic polymer made of carbon and hydrogen. Often it is used as clear and transparent bag for common use for packing of frozen food, shopping bags and so on.

Today Polyethylene film has replaced, in a big piece, carton and others materials in part of packaging products because of thermo shrink film.

Even a very demandable packaging (coffee for example) is partly made of polyethylene film glued (laminated) together with aluminium foil insure easy pack closing with thermal welding.

This and many other products which are made partly or fully of polyethylene film don't have bad influence on nature under conditions that they are correctly handled under Law of waste and packaging products.

Many advantages

Polyethylene film alone or in combination with others materials enables creation of most modern, safest and most quality packaging in food industry, drug industry, agronomy and others industry branches. Because of its density, excellent physical, mechanical and chemical characteristics, and balance of prize and quality, it has fully or partially replaced many materials like paper, carton, metal and glass.


One of the biggest advantages of polyethylene is its almost infinitive possibility of reuse.


In process of burning polyethylene, with oxygen present, carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H20) are produced. And they are basic chemical components of natural environment.