LDPE collation shrink film

PE shrink films are primarily used for packaging bulk goods. At high temperature (about 180°C) PE film shrinks in length and width...

  • Printing LDPE collation shrink film on rolls
  • LDPE package 6x0,5L can
  • LDPE package 6x0,5 PET Jana

Technical characteristics:

  • Film thickness ranging from 0.030 till 0.080 mm
  • Various widths
  • Shrinkage in machine (longitude) and transversal direction according to the needs
  • Usually multilayer
  • Printed or unprinted
  • With optional micro perforation and additional process


  • LDPE Collation Shrink Film is usually used for group packaging of goods. On temperature of approximately 180°C the film shrinks and covers the surface of product, protecting it from dust, physical damage and enables easier transportation and handling
  • We are specialised in down gauging – reducing the thickness we save material, space and transport cost
  • We produce a special film for packaging the LDPE packages shrink packages - Non Collant Shrink Film (Anti Stick Film). This enables the group in group automated packaging process with 2 thermo shrink tunnels


  • for group packaging of drinks (water, juices, beer, milk...) in PET bottles, glass bottles, or cans 
  • for single packing of newspaper and magazines
  • for group packaging of products on pallets

We are the leading company for shrink film in region.